I rebel; therefore I exist.

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Jannel but everybody calls me flannel. I'm 23. I'm a very curious person.I question everything. I'm a tech support agent. I am in school for cyber security. lifting weights.tats.playing football.Music.Lions.I feel like your favorite color describes you, and mine is red.laughing.vintage.pin up girls.I'm a bit repetitive.I like to do good things. (like volunteering, helping the planet, and helping people.)but i am not a saint. I love everyone, I don't have a preference.



How did i have like 10 dreams in 1 hr


You were only supposed to buy

The couch, what did you do…

Most annoying voice ever.

Good job to my employer -_-



Scott and I were emailing all night. Fuck. I don’t want to get back together I just miss him.

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