I rebel; therefore I exist.

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Jannel but everybody calls me flannel. I'm 23. I'm a very curious person.I question everything. I'm a tech support agent. I am in school for cyber security. lifting weights.tats.playing football.Music.Lions.I feel like your favorite color describes you, and mine is red.laughing.vintage.pin up girls.I'm a bit repetitive.I like to do good things. (like volunteering, helping the planet, and helping people.)but i am not a saint. I love everyone, I don't have a preference.



Seek emotional compensation for their loss.



There be such a thing like swolemate.com where you find singles that lift for the swolies?



It’s not the same. I’ll always compare it to him.


"If someday the moon calls you by your name don’t be surprised,
Because every night I tell her about you."

Shahrazad al-Khalij (via wordsnquotes)

(via spookcitywithamericangraveyards)

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